• Easy Installation

The device installs onto any vehicle’s visor in mere seconds - simply slide it to adjust it and make sure it’s properly fixed.

  • Light-filtering Technology

The principle behind the  Visor is completely different from the standard visors you can buy at your local store. In order for it to serve its purpose effectively, the device is equipped with a special light-filtering technology that helps create a distinct contrast between objects on the road by enhancing colors.

  • Military Inspired

Inspired by military face shields worn by fighter pilots around the globe, this visor finds many uses in a civilian environment.


  • Versatile

The  Visor has a wide array of uses. Not only they can be used in bright sunlight during the day, but they also increase visibility at night. Thanks to its versatile nature, the visor can be used anytime while driving. All you need to do is to flip it down, and you’ll be impressed by the clarity with which you can see the road in front of you. All this makes it an excellent accessory for the responsible driver.



  • Enhanced Safety

The  Visor has been carefully designed to lower the level of risk while driving. The device allows you to see not only other vehicles on the road but also pedestrians, traffic signs and crossing barriers. It significantly enhances safety as you’re far less likely to meet with an accident. Using this innovative visor makes it much safer on the streets for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and even stray cats and dogs who try to cross the road at the most unexpected time.

  • Reduces Strain on Eyes

With enhanced colors, clarity and contrast, you don’t have to strain your eyes when looking at the road. Using the  Visor improves the overall health of your eyes and reduces tiredness while driving. Since you will no longer have to strain your eyes, you will no longer suffer from sleepiness and headaches caused by this.

  • Durable

While the  Visor has been designed to be extremely light in weight, it also has been constructed to withstand accidental damage. If you accidentally drop it, innovative engineering principles that have been used by the manufacturer allow the device to flex rather than crack or break into pieces. If you choose to purchase this visor, rest assured that it will serve you for years to come.

  • Irreplaceable for Long Trips

This visor is virtually irreplaceable when you set off on a long journey, as it allows you to instantly spot other vehicles on the road. Whether it’s a bright sunny day, a foggy morning or the darkest night, the  Visor will cut out the glare of oncoming vehicles’ headlights and sharpen your vision by enhancing colors and contrast.

The device also prevents anxiety from building up on a long journey, especially if you have to drive on busy roads. By reducing the stress of driving for extended periods of time, this visor makes your journey a pleasant experience.

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